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How to Deal with Diarrhea for the People with Diabetes

2014-07-31 17:31

In hot summer, it is easy to encourage the growth of bacteria and induce infection, especially gastrointestinal disease mainly presenting as diarrhea. For normal people, it is not serious. However, for the people with Diabetes, they need to pay high attention to diarrhea, because it is more likely to be life-threatening if it is dealt improperly. Once suffering from diarrhea, how to deal with diarrhea for the people with diabetes?

First, let us know that why it is dangerous for the people with diabetes to experience diarrhea.

For the people with diabetes, stress hyperglycemia (SHG) will attack the people, if they have inflammation after diarrhea. What is worse, they also can suffer from hypoglycemia, at this time, it is very dangerous to use the insulin as normal. Diarrhea caused by diabetes has no obvious stomachache but the times are too often, which affects the people seriously.

Next, how to deal with diarrhea for the people with diabetes?

In the first place, take medicine in right way.

Diarrhea may lead to a reduction of glycemia, at this case, taking the medicine as usual may cause hypoglycemia. Thus, for the people with diarrhea in diabetes, they should take medicine under the doctor’s direction.

Next, stick to drinking enough water and eating foods.

For the people suffering from diarrhea, they usually have poor appetite, in order to avoid hypoglycemia, they have to stick to eating foods.

Last, stop taking antidiarrheal properly.

Taking some medicines properly can control the symptoms and lower high blood pressure, such as controlling diarrhea and improve bowel’s motivity.

How to deal with diarrhea for the patients with diabetes? Now you should have the answer, and keeping them in mind can help you control disease condition. In addition, treating diabetes timely can help you avoid many complications. If you have any other questions, you are welcome to consult our online kidney experts or send an email to, and we will reply you as soon as possible.

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