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How to Prevent Kidney Failure in Diabetes

2013-03-21 15:55

Diabetes is the leading cause of kidney failure, so diabetics need to pay special attention to their kidneys. Diabetics are at high risk to develop kidney problem, but not everyone with Diabetes will certainly suffer from kidney failure, why is it? How to prevent kidney failure in Diabetes?

Usually, the longer time patients suffer from Diabetes, the more likely they have kidney problem. Besides, compared with diabetics who control their blood sugar well, these with poor control about diabetes suffer from kidney failure easier. Therefore, to have an effective prevention, diabetics need to:

1. Bring blood sugar into normal range

Blood glucose should be kept in the normal range which different from countries to countries. When there are excess glucose in our blood, kidneys help to produce more urine to discharge blood sugar, which to some extend increase kidney burden. Long-term heavy burden cause kidney damages, and thus form Diabetic Nephropathy. Therefore, to have a successful prevention toward kidney failure, having a good control about blood sugar is essential.

2. Change your diet to ease kidney burden

Foods high in salt and protein increase kidney burden directly, so please eat less foods like pickles, salted eggs and bean products if you are a diabetic. You can get the necessary protein by eating fish and egg white which are rich in high quality protein. High quality protein can meet the basic physical demand of our body and meanwhile produce less wastes. Therefore, high quality protein is more preferable for diabetics.

3. Repair kidney damages, if you already have developed kidney problem

Kidney disease caused by Diabetes is clinically called Diabetic Nephropathy which is marked by albumin in urine in early stage. For people with diabetic kidney problem, simple control about symptoms can not stop the occurrence of kidney failure at all. They also need to repair damaged renal intrinsic cells. With injured kidney cells, other kidney cells have to work more hardly and if this condition last for a long time, further kidney damages will be caused. On the contrary, if we repair these injured renal cells, burden on other kidney cells will be reduced, and this will help to prevent further kidney damages and kidney failure.

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