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What is the Diet Principle for Diabetes

2016-08-19 16:02

What is the Diet Principle for DiabetesAside from receiving treatment, diet plays a important role in helping patients slow down illness condition. And then, what diet should patients need to pay attention to? Now, this article will explain the details for you.

1, patients need to adjust their diet according to their current illness condition.

If patients are thin, you need to assure the total calories, so they can take more foods than patients who are fat. If patients are fat, they need to control their diet strictly, the diet should focus on low protein, low calories and they need to lose weight. If patients work hard, they need to take more times of food according to their condition.

2, The diet for patients should be scientific, staple diet and non-staple diet should should be matched with each other. Although staple diet is the main source of blood sugar, but the protein and fat in non-staple foods also can transformed into blood sugar, if you take too much non-staple foods, the illness progression can be deteriorated.

3, patients should realize that the total calories should be controlled effectively.

Diabetic should learn the calories of the foods, and they need to calculate the calories of the foods, so as to assure the the total calories.

4 control salt intake

For people with the diabetes, their main purpose seems to control the sugar in their foods, but controlling salt intake is also important for them. Too much salt intake will increase the activity of amylase, so as to promote the digestion of starch and absorption of small intestine. This increases the concentration of blood sugar, so as to deteriorate the illness condition. The salt that diabetic take should be less than 3 g.

5, diabetes patients should control fat intake, so as to control oil and cholesterol.

They are not eat fired foods. And meat with high fat. They need to eat more foods with steamed in clear soup, steam foods with water and cold and dressed with sauce.

7, eating fruits with limitations

If patient’s blood sugar can be controlled well, they can eat low sugar content, such as apple, pear, orange, strawberry. And sugar would be absorbed very quickly when they eat watermelon, so they need to keep away it.

8 drink more water

Diabetic need to drink more water, because the insulin in diabetic is not sufficient, which stimulate the neural center and makes patients have a sense of thirsty. The plasma osmotic pressure is reduced after drinking water, so as to relive thirsty. If patients limit the amount of water, wastes products in blood can not be excreted out of body, so as to lead to diabetic ketoacidosis, deteriorating illness condition.

9, diabetic are not allowed to take wines.

The main purpose of controlling diet is to control blood pressure and blood fat and blood pressure, so as to maintain a reasonable weight.

If you still have problem with this, you can send your present condition to The renal doctor will analyze your illness condition accurately and then reply you as soon as possible.

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