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The Top Two Causes of Chronic Renal Failure

2012-12-23 16:42

Chronic renal failure is a pathological state in which the kidney has lost part or all its functions after years of suffering. There are many causes of chronic renal failure including primary(primary glomerulonephritis), secondary(diabetic nephropathy, hypertensive nephropathy, lupus nephritis, purpura nephritis)and genetic (polycystic kidney disease).

The top two major causes of chronic renal failure are hypertension and diabetes with diabetes the number one.

There are more than 17million American having diabetes and according to statistics done in 1999 there are about 44% renal dialysis patients having diabetes as the underlying cause of their renal damages. One reason is that there are more and more obese people in America and obesity is one of the major risk factors for developing type 2 diabetes. Diabetes patients can not produce enough insulin or the body can not use insulin due to insulin-resistance, as a result sugar will stay in the blood instead of being used by the cells. This will cause higher than normal blood sugar level which will damage tiny blood vessels in the whole body when excessive sugar circulate into different parts of the body with blood circulation. When capillaries in the kidneys are damaged, the kidney functions will be affected.

Hypertension is another major cause of kidney failure and it has the similar pathogenesis as that of diabetes. Badly controlled high blood pressure will damage the renal filtration functions and as a result many useful substances will be leaked into urine and many wastes and toxins will instead be kept in the blood and poison the body.

High blood pressure is often accompanied by diabetes and they will interact with each other and gradually worsen kidney functions. But fortunately our kidney has great compensatory ability and the process of developing end stage renal failure usually takes years or even decades. Therefore regular check and well control of blood pressure and blood sugar is very necessary. And once there are signs of renal damages, proper and effective measure and treatments should be received so as to bring the illness condition under control before it becomes too advanced.

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