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Diabetics: Be Alert about Kidney Failure

2013-02-21 17:12

If you are a Diabetes patient and meanwhile control the disease poorly, I am afraid you are at high risk of suffer from kidney failure, as Diabetes may lead to kidney problem which deteriorate to kidney failure easily.

Diabetes is marked by high blood sugar level in clinic and mostly results from insulin shortage of insulin or insulin injection. With Diabetes, patients have more urination, extreme thirst, frequent hunger and great loose of body weight, all of which make Diabetes look like irrelative with kidney, but actually Diabetes is indeed related with kidney. Diabetics have a high risk to suffer from kidney failure compared with healthy people.

Our kidney works as a filter in our daily life. It filters blood during which excessive electrolytes, nutrition, wastes and fluids are discharged out of our body as the form of urine. Also, excessive blood sugar is excreted together with urine. When an individual is affected by Diabetes, his kidney has to work hard to produce more urine, so as to excrete excessive sugar. Usually, the higher the blood sugar level is, or the longer time the patients suffer from high blood sugar level, the heavy the renal burden is.

Since people with Diabetes are more likely to suffer from kidney failure, how do they know if they have developed kidney problem?

Kidney problem resulted from Diabetes is clinically called Diabetic Nephropathy. Occurrence of it is symbolized by protein in urine, so if one diabetic is told to have protein in urine, he should be alert about their kidney. Diabetic Nephropathy develops to kidney failure if we can not stop it effectively in early stage, so a timely medical treatment is very helpful fore diabetics to prevent kidney failure.

Besides, as there are no visible symptoms with Diabetic Nephropathy, diabetics should do kidney test regularly, so as to have a timely diagnosis of Diabetic Nephropathy and effective prevention of kidney failure.

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