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Diabetes, either Type 1 (Children or Juvenile) Diabetes or type 2 Diabetes, can cause kidney failure if not well controlled. Learn more on Diabetes and kidney failure.

Can We Treat Diabetes Without Drugs And Insulin

For diabetic patients, it is absolutely not enough to rely solely on drugs to treat the disease. Patients'self-care awareness and health knowledge level, patients and their families' perseverance and confidence to overcome the disease play a...Read More

How Does Diabetes Patient Remit Swelling with Herbal Medicine

Diabetes is one of common disease in the world and it causes many complications. Among them, Diabetic Nephropathy is the most serious complication. How does diabetes patient remit swelling with herbal medicine?...Read More

Diabetes and Creatinine 3.5: Does Patient Need Dialysis

When one is told that he has Diabetes and serum Creatinine level 3.5, does he need Dialysis? If you suffer from the similar problem, you can continue to read this article or click Online Doctor to get free guidance....Read More

What Should Patients Do with Diabetes and Creatinine 3.5

In fact, diabetes makes patients suffer from high creatinine level easily. Creatinine 3.5 shows that patients are at stage 3 kidney failure. Thereby, patients need to take prompt measures as soon as possible to prevent further damage. While...Read More

What is the Natural Way to Lower Creatinine Level with Diabetes

In most cases, patients with diabetes often suffer from high creatinine level early than patients with other types of diseases. As dialysis and western medications can not reduce high creatinine fundamentally. Therefore, patients are eager...Read More

What Does GFR 2 Mean for Diabetes Patients

In fact, diabetes makes patients suffer from high creatinine level easily, as a result, high blood sugar damages kidney cells and tissues and decreases kidney function. While, what does GFR2 mean for diabetes patients? Normally, our body is...Read More

The Best Treatment for Creatinine 3.5 with Diabetes

Diabetes is already becoming the second cause of kidney failure, besides, high creatinine level is one of the common signs of kidney failure. People with high creatinine level appear to suffer from symptoms, including fatigue, anemia, heada...Read More

Is Immunotherapy Invasive for Diabetic with Creatinine 2.9

Patients with diabetes often suffer from kidney disease problems earlier than patients with other illness conditions, high creatinine level is the most common ones. Creatinine 2.9 refers to that patients illness condition is at stage 3 kidn...Read More

The Best Treatment for Foot Swelling with Diabetes

Normally, patients with diabetes are bound to go through many changes on their body, foot swelling is the most common one. Why diabetes patients suffer from foot swelling, besides, what is the best treatment to relive it ? If you are troubl...Read More

Is It Necessary to Do Dialysis with Creatinine 525 and Diabetes

Generally, dialysis is a treatment to help patients reduce high creatinine level and kidney failure patients caused by diabetes often start dialysis earlier than kidney failure patients caused by other illness conditions. While, is it neces...Read More