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Diabetes, either Type 1 (Children or Juvenile) Diabetes or type 2 Diabetes, can cause kidney failure if not well controlled. Learn more on Diabetes and kidney failure.

The Health Tips for Diabetes

Diabetes is a chronic and progressive disease, it develops into Diabetic Nephropathy easily without any prevention. If you are looking for the health tips for diabetes, please read on. Hope this article will help you find out the answer. Em...Read More

How to Deal with Diarrhea for the People with Diabetes

In hot summer, it is easy to encourage the growth of bacteria and induce infection, especially gastrointestinal disease mainly presenting as diarrhea. For normal people, it is not serious. However, for the people with diabetes, they need to...Read More

How to Prevent Diabetes Induce Kidney Failure in Your Daily Life

Diabetic Nephropathy is a common complication of long term diabetes and very difficult to be treated. Besides, the symptoms and complications are serious and can affect the patients normal life in a great degree. So, early and effective tre...Read More

Is Dialysis the Best Way for Diabetes and Stage 4 Kidney Failure

Is dialysis the best way for diabetes and stage 4 kidney failure? According to medical news reports, diabetes is one of the main causes of kidney failure. When diabetes involves kidneys and cause serious kidney failure, dialysis is the comm...Read More

Diabetes and Kidney Disease: How to Avoid Infection

For the patients with diabetes and kidney disease, they are easier to be infected than normal people. Due to afraid of infection, some patients are even afraid to leave their houses and take part in outdoor activities. In fact, these method...Read More

Diabetes and Kidney Failure: Why Does the Patient Suffer From Low Blood Pressure on Hemodialysis

According to our clinical practice and accumulated experience, we find that many patients with diabetes and kidney failure can suffer from low blood pressure on hemodialysis. While, low blood pressure is a very dangerous factor for the pati...Read More

Effective Treatments for Diabetes with Kidney Failure: Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy and Blood P

Yesterday, a patient asked me whether there are effective treatments for Diabetes with kidney failure. As a doctor, we very understand the patients mood and are eager to help you. In our hospital, we have effective treatments for Diabetes w...Read More

Is There An Effective Remedy with Kidney Failure Caused by Diabetes

Kidney failure, the worst condition in kidney disease patients. Diabetes is the leading cause of kidney failure according to clinical experience. If there is someone who are suffering from kidney failure around you, what they want most? Is there an ef...Read More

Does Tingling in Fingers Mean Kidney Damage for Diabetes Patients

With the developement of life quality, more and more peolpe are suffering from diabetes, which can affect our normal life in a great degree. But some diabetes patients feel tingling in fingers that is quite common for patients with kidney d...Read More

Can the Diabetes and High Blood Pressure Cause Kidney Failure

Can diabetes and high blood pressure cause kidney failure? Many patients with diabetes and high blood pressure worry about the issue. In view of this, we make a conclusion to clear the patients mind of doubt. Next, please read further to fi...Read More