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Diabetic Nephropathy

Diabetic Nephropathy is a leading cause of kidney failure. Here is on how Diabetes causes kidney failure, prevention of kidney failure from Diabetes, etc.

Anasarca Appears Would Dialysis be Done for Diabetic Nephropathy

Anasarca is the swelling in the whole body due to the remained excessive fluid. It can lead to pain, turgidity, fatigue and others or even life risk. While, would dialysis be done to dispel anasarca for diabetic nephropathy? Why anasarca ap...Read More

Need Dialysis Or Not for Diabetic Patient with Creatinine 5.3

For people with Diabetes, Creatinine 5.3 is much higher than the normal range and patients need to lower their blood sugar through timely treatment. Does patient need Dialysis or not? Is there any natural remedy for diabetics with creatinine...Read More

Herbal Medicines Treat Creatinine 3.4, Proteinuria 2+, and Diabetes for 9 Years

It is extremely common to see that patients with Diabetes or Hypertension have high creatinine levels. If you have years of diabetes with high creatinine 3.4 and proteinuria 2+, you get Diabetic Nephropathy. You have to take effective ways t...Read More

How to Regenerate Kidney Function with Chinese Medicine in Diabetic

Diabetic Nephropathy will appear along with years of uncontrolled diabetes, at the same time patients’ kidney function also will decrease quickly. Chinese medicine is an effective way to help you regenerate kidney function in diabetic neph...Read More

How to Prevent Diabetic Nephropathy from Renal Failure

Years of uncontrolled Diabetes will cause a lot of complications. Among them, Diabetic Nephropathy is the most serious one. I do believe patients must wonder how to prevent diabetic nephropathy from Renal Failure and then they can live a rel...Read More

It Is Possible that Creatinine 350 with Diabetes to be Normalized Again

Diabetes causes patients to suffer from high creatinine level easily. Once creatinine level is higher than normal, it indicates that there is something wrong with your kidney function. Thereby, patients are wondering that it is possible tha...Read More

Can Chronic Kidney Disease Secondary to Diabetes Nephropathy Avoid Dialysis

Diabetes Nephropathy is a illness condition caused by years of uncontrolled diabetes in blood. And it is the second leading cause of kidney failure, recently, a patient is wondering that can kidney disease secondary to diabetes nephropathy...Read More

Creatinine 145 with Diabetes: Causes and Treatments

Diabetes causes patients to suffer from high creatinine level easily, and creatinine 145 refers to that patients are still at the early stage of renal disease. If patients receive treatments in time, there would be a great possibility to re...Read More

Herbs to Lower High Creatinine in Diabetic Nephropathy

In clinic, Diabetic nephropathy is secondary to diabetes and is the second leading cause of chronic kidney disease. High creatinine is associated with severe deterioration of renal function. What herbs can be used to reduce high creatinine...Read More

The Treatments for 20% Kidney Function Caused by Diabetes

What should patients do if diabetic suffer from 20% kidney function ? Are you suffering from the same problems? Please contact Online Doctor directly to know personalized advice. When the kidneys are functioning at 20 percent due to diabete...Read More