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The Symptoms of Diabetes Nephropathy

2013-10-25 11:08

It is well known that diabetes nephropathy which cure difficultly is the most main complication of diabetes patients. So it is more important to find diabetes nephropathy early according to its symptoms. The following introduces some main symptoms of diabetes nephropathy, which may help you to treat it effectively.

1. Proteinuria

Proteinuria is the first symptom of diabetes nephropathy. When your kidney is damaged, the protein content of urine will increase sharply, which is called proteinuria at this time. Some factors like infection, inflammation and immune problem are able to cause proteinuria as well.

2. Edema and nephritic syndrome

Half of the patients with diabetes nephropathy may have edema in general. Kidney experts tell us that the reason of it may blame to hypoproteinemia which resulted from losing a lot of protein in urine and as people grow older, the more of reasons caused edema. In addition, about 20% of diabetes nephropathy patients have nephritic syndrome according to figures.

3. High blood pressure

This is the later symptom of diabetes nephropathy which appears in the patients with proteinuria for a long time. If it doesn’t treat in time, the kidney function of diabetes nephropathy patients will worsen due to the high blood pressure.

4. Kidney failure

Early in order to adapt to the needs of sugar, glomerular filtration rate increases, thus the level of blood urea nitrogen and creatinine are normal. However, when persistent proteinuria appears, which leads to the concentration of blood urea nitrogen and creatinine increases, finally leads to kidney failure. Moreover, it can develop into end-stage renal failure in a few years as well.

Through the above introduction, you may learn more about symptoms of diabetes nephropathy. What is more, Diabetic nephropathy is the highest rate to die in patients with diabetes and it has a serious effect to the diabetes patients. So it is very important to treat diabetes nephropathy as soon as possible. If you want to know some natural therapies to treat it, please contact us immediately, we are look forward to your asking.

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