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Diabetic Kidney Disease and Edema

2013-11-01 09:42

edema, diabetic kidney diseaseEdema in lower extremities, ankles, eyelids and face is a common symptom of Diabetic kidney disease. Why diabetic kidney disease causes edema? This is because that the urine of patients cannot be eliminated from the body and accumulate in it. Next, we will elaborate on the causality of diabetic kidney disease and edema. (Have a question? Get an answer from free online service now!)

1. After diabetes cause kidney disease, double renal blood flow perfusion measure will reduce, renal parenchyma will in the condition of ischemia and hypoxia, and renin secretion will increase. Through the role of the renin – angiotensin, the secretion of aldosterone will increase. It causes the reabsorption and retention of water and sodium in the renal tubular.

2. With deteriorated condition, protein leakage in urine increases gradually. The long-term existence of proteinuria increases kidney damage and form hypoalbuminemia which decreased the plasma colloid osmotic pressure. Extracellular fluid retention in the clearance of organization causes swelling. In addition, hypoalbuminemia can lead to effective blood volume decreases, the secondary aldosterone and antidiuretic hormone secretion increase. Renal tubular reabsorption of water and sodium increase and then cause swelling.

3. Immune damage of diabetic kidney disease patients may increase the permeability of blood capillary wall. Moisture inside the plasma permeates to the tissue space and cause edema.

Edema is a symptom of diabetic kidney disease patients. A positive diagnosis and treatment can prevent the progression of the conditions.

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