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Healthy Tips for Diabetic Kidney Disease

2014-04-08 03:30

Diabetic kidney disease the common complication of diabetes. It is also the leading death cause of diabetes. Without well control, it will finally develop into kidney failure. There are several tips for diabetic kidney disease to prevent kidney failure.

Tip 1. Adjust your diet.

Patients with diabetic kidney disease should strictly limit diet. They are suggested to eat low-salt diet to relieve swelling and high blood pressure. If there is kidney dysfunction, you’d better limit the salt intake to 2g per day. Maybe it is tasteless for your diet. But for good of your health, follow this advice. Low-protein diet benefits a lot to those with diabetic kidney disease. It is good to reduce proteinuria and reduce the burden of kidneys.

Tip 2. Well control blood pressure.

High blood pressure is considered to be a contributor of increasing diabetic kidney disease. Controlling high blood pressure is favorable for delaying the deterioration of kidney function.

Tip 3. Prevent infection.

People with diabetic kidney disease are also with a low immunity, which provide a favorable condition for the intrusion of virus and bacteria. Thus infection is easily to appear. Infection will cause much trouble for the recovery of the disease. So you are suggested to prevent infection.

Tip 4. Control sugar metabolic disorder.

High level of sugar in blood will increase the damage of capillary basement membrane. So the permeability will be increased and as a consequence, the protein will be leaked out. So controlling high blood sugar is the premise of preventing diabetic kidney disease progressing into kidney failure.

All those tips for diabetic kidney disease are beneficial. If you are happen to have diabetes, you should read these tips carefully. Go to the doctor as early as possible can save your life as much as possible. Is there something that you are not clear? Send me an email to for consultation.

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