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Alternative Treatments for Diabetic Nephropathy with Creatinine 8.3

2014-05-25 20:06

In clinic, creatinine level usually is regarded as one of the important indicators of measuring kidney function. Creatinine level 8.3 means that your Diabetic Nephropathy has developed into stage 5 kidney failure that is life-threatening. At this time, the patients are to eager to find out a life-saving treatment. Next, we list the alternative treatments for diabetic nephropathy with creatinine 8.3.


Dialysis usually is recommended for the patients of diabetic nephropathy with creatinine 8.3. Because diabetic nephropathy is caused by long-term diabetes, and has more complications and damage to other organs compared with other kidney diseases. And the early dialysis can remove some harmful substances from body and reduce the damage. Dialysis can be used as an emergency treatment. But it is not a long-term solution. Because long-term dialysis can make the kidneys lose their all functions.

Blood purification

Blood purification is an innovative therapy based on dialysis and it can filter out all of the harmful substances selectively but has no side effect to the patients. It concludes six treatments, and for the patients of diabetic nephropathy with high creatinine, plasma exchange, CRRT and immune adsorption usually are recommended.

Natural treatments

Blood purification can purify blood but can not repair the damaged kidney, while some natural treatments have the functions of repairing kidney damage and improving renal function. Such as Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy and medicated bath, etc. They can treat diabetic nephropathy from root. Thus, we can combine blood purification with Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy to treat your disease, which not only can reduce your high creatinine, but also can improve your kidney function and bring you new hope.

In conclusion, diabetic nephropathy with creatinine 8.3 is not terrible, you just need to keep active attitude to face it and receive proper treatment. Alternative treatments for diabetic nephropathy with creatinine 8.3 are given, if you want to know them in detail, you can consult our online doctors or leave a message below. Best wishes!

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