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Different Stages of Diabetic Nephropathy and Their Symptoms

2014-06-22 18:51

Diabetic Nephropathy is one of the most serious complications of diabetes. More and more kidney patients suffer from this disease now, no matter the old or the young. It brings much pain to the patients, both in the physical and psychological.

Generally speaking, Diabetic Nephropathy can divided into five stages, at which the symptoms are different. Let’s learn the different stages of Diabetic Nephropathy and their symptoms.

Stage1: Kidney get enlarged over time, and glomerular filtration rate is higher than normal. At this stage, patients can not feel any symptom or discomfort.

Stage2: The kidney structure has changed with kidney enlargement, basement membrane thickening and mesangial area expanding. Protein can be seen in urine after intense physical activity.

Stage3: At this stage, most patients have suffered from diabetes for 5-15 years. People can find microalbumin in the urine and you may have high blood pressure.

Stage4: Diabetic Nephropathy is characterized by a mass of protein in the urine at this stage, more than 0.5g/d. Most patients will develop high blood pressure and swelling, and GFR begins to decline.

Stage5: This is the end stage of Diabetic Nephropathy. It occurs among people who have suffered from diabetes for 15-20 years. The symptoms will be more obvious at this stage.

The above are the different stages of Diabetic Nephropathy and their symptoms. At early stage, there is no clinical symptom, and kidney damage can be reversed with effective treatment and proper diet. However, once proteinuria occurs, kidney damage will decline at a fast speed. If you do not take steps to treat it, your kidney may fail to work. You have to choose dialysis or kidney transplant in this condition.

To avoid this ending, some Chinese therapies are recommended to you here, such as hot compress therapy, immunotherapy, medicated bath and so on. These are natural therapies and have no side effects on patients. You can try them at home, with the help of your family members.

If you happen to be the Diabetic Nephropathy patient, go to hospital and receive treatment as soon as possible. Do not delay the illness condition and cause bad ending. If you still have questions about the different stages of Diabetic Nephropathy and their symptoms, leave a message below or send an email to, we are here to help.

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