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Does Frequent Urination Mean Kidney Failure for the Patients with Diabetes

2014-06-28 10:51

As we all know, how excruciating it is to piss frequently. These days, we often hear some patients with diabetes complain that they are suffering from frequent urination. According to the medical studies, diabetes is one of the main causes of CKD, because long-standing diabetes can cause to the tiny blood vessels in kidneys. Does frequent urination mean kidney failure for the patients with diabetes?

Under normal conditions, kidneys are in charge of producing urine and adjust the volume and times of urine. Once the kidneys are damaged, their function may be affected and fail to work. Frequent urination means that the concentration ability of renal tubular declines, and causes much urine volume that is low concentration. So, frequent urination means kidney failure for the patients with diabetes.

How to deal with frequent urination in kidney failure with diabetes?

Now we know that frequent urination is caused by the damaged kidney that is due to diabetes. So, if we want to improve frequency of urination, it is very important for you to control diabetes well and repair the damaged kidney. Lowering your high blood sugar and keeping your blood sugar in a healthy range can slow down the progress of kidney damage.

Next, the following steps can help you control blood sugar:

1. Take some medicines and insulin under the doctor’s instruction.

2. Keep a reasonable diet according to your condition, and avoiding the foods rich in high sugar.

3. Keep a healthy weight though proper diet and exercise.

4. Test your blood sugar and blood pressure regularly.

Last, restoring the renal function is the key of treating frequent urination. In Shijiazhuang Kidney Disease Hospital in China, there are many natural treatments for kidney disease, such as Hot Compress Therapy, Medicated Bath, Predicure and so on. If you want to know one or more of them, you can free chat with our online doctor. If you want to know more about frequent urination and kidney failure, you are welcome to send them to, and we will reply you in detail as soon as possible.

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