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Diabetes, High Blood Pressure and Kidney Failure

2014-07-01 11:27

There is a close relationship among diabetes, high blood pressure and kidney failure. If you are a patient with diabetes, you doctor may ware you about kidney failure. But many people are confused about them and want to know them thoroughly. Next, we will introduce you the relationship among them.

In fact, diabetes, high blood pressure and kidney failure affect each other, and one of them can be others’ complication. Diabetes and high blood pressure are the main causes of kidney failure, and kidney failure also can lead to high blood pressure. If these diseases attack to one patient, it is a big blow for the patient, because it not only can aggravate disease, but also can increase the cure difficulty.

According to statistics, about forty percent patients with high blood pressure may develop into diabetes, and the risk of diabetes patients to suffer from high blood pressure is more than twice than the normal, besides, approximately a quarter of the diabetes patients will experience diabetic nephropathy, and if the patients also complicate with high blood pressure at the same time, which can aggravate illness condition.

If kidney disease is caused by high blood pressure, we call it Hypertensive Nephropathy; while, if the kidney disease is caused by diabetes, it is called Diabetic Nephropathy(DN). Besides, high blood pressure is one of the common symptoms of kidney disease, and this high blood pressure caused by kidney disease is called renal hypertension. And in clinic, if left untreated, hypertensive nephropathy, diabetic nephropathy and renal hypertension can promote them develop into End-Stage Renal Disease.

According to the above information, we can know that if we are diagnosed with diabetes or high blood pressure, the first thing for us is to treat in time in order to avoid lead to kidney disease. If unfortunately, you are just one of them suffering kidney disease, there are many innovative natural treatments for you in Shijiazhuang Kidney Disease Hospital in China. If you want to avoid dialysis or kidney transplant, you are recommended strongly to send your test report to, and we will choose the best treatments for your individual illness condition.

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