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What Should I Pay Attention to in Daily Life with Diabetes and Kidney Failure

2014-07-13 17:57

What should I pay attention to in daily life with Diabetes and kidney failure? For the patients with diabetes and kidney failure, there are many things they need to pay attention to  in daily life. In order to prevent their illness condition worsening, we conclude the following tips that they need to pay attention to. If you are one of the patients or a family of them, we hope you can continue reading.

1. Prevent infection

Preventing infection is important for the patients with chronic kidney disease, because infection can make the illness condition worse.

2. Do not be tired

The patients often are recommended to rest more, because fatigue will worsen the disease, concluding manual and mental labor. Besides, the patients also can not watch TV, play games and sitting for a long time, and staying up is also not allowed.

3. Do not take medicine at random

Many medicines and herbs have renal toxicity. If the patients take these medicines, their kidney maybe damaged more serious. So if you are a patient of diabetes with kidney failure, you need to take medicine under your doctor’s instruction. Besides, you also are welcome to consult our online doctors.

4. Keep a healthy diet plan

Limiting the sugar intake is essential for the patients with diabetes, and the main cause of kidney failure for the patients with diabetes is high sugar in blood (Diabetic Nephropathy). Besides, controlling the protein, potassium, sodium and phosphorus intake is also very important for the patients with kidney failure. Last, the patients also need supply enough vitamin, fiber and carbohydrate to maintain the patients’ activities.

5. Keep a good attitude

A good attitude can help the patients build up the confidence to overcome disease. Otherwise, the bad mood will become an important factor of worsening the disease.

The above five tips are important for the patients to pay attention to in daily life with diabetes and kidney failure. If you want to know more, send an email to Besides, if you want to know the alternative treatments for this disease except Dialysis and transplant, leave your message below, and we will choose the best treatment for your individual condition. Best wishes!

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