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How to Treat Serious Itchy Skin and Vomiting in Diabetic Nephropathy

2014-07-17 11:45

How to treat serious itchy skin and vomiting in Diabetic Nephropathy? Some patients asked us this question over the network. If you also want to know the answer, please read the following. If there is anything you do not understand, you can contact our online kidney doctors.

First, knowing the reasons of itchy skin and vomiting in diabetic nephropathy can help you get better treatment. There are many reasons of them.

1. Diabetic nephropathy patients often suffer from high level of glucose that can stimulate skin itch.

2. Diabetic nephropathy also can cause nerve system function abnormal that can lead to skin problems, such as dry skin, itching, macula and so on.

3. Diabetic nephropathy patients can not remove out the wastes and toxins from body, so the wastes and toxins can accumulate in body and blood, which can cause digestive system disorder.\

Now, we have known the reasons of itchy skin and vomiting in diabetic nephropathy, so, how to treat serious itchy skin and vomiting in Diabetic Nephropathy?

1. Controlling glucose level in a safe range is the basis of treating diabetic nephropathy.

2. Lower high blood pressure. High blood pressure and diabetic nephropathy can affect each other, because elevated blood pressure can aggravate the disease, while renal failure also can raise blood pressure.

3. Blood purification is a good choice for the patients. Dialysis is a necessary treatment for diabetic nephropathy, because it can help the patients eliminate the excess wastes and toxins and remit all the symptoms. While, Blood purification is the innovation and improvement of dialysis. This therapy concludes hemodialysis, hemofiltration, hemodiafiltration, Plasma Exchange, Immune Adsorption, Blood Perfusion. It can eliminate all kinds of toxins from blood and restore hematopoietic mechanism. So, you can receive this therapy to remit your serious itchy skin and vomiting. If you want to know this therapy more, you are welcome to send an email to, and we will reply you early.

Except treatment, a proper diet also can remit your serious itchy skin and vomiting. Generally speaking, the diet demand for the patients is low salt, low protein, high vitamin C. If you want an individual diet plan, you can leave your information below, and we will design a proper recipe for you.

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