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Is Chamomile Tea Good for Diabetic Nephropathy Patients

2014-10-10 11:51

Is Chamomile Tea Good for Diabetic NephropathyChamomile tea is popular among people for it has many benefits. However, are Diabetic Nephropathy patients allowed to drink chamomile tea? Follow us to see how the chamomile tea work on kidney and relieve the symptoms of Diabetic Nephropathy patients.

A. Chamomile tea contains antioxidants which can lower the high creatinine level.

B. Chamomile tea has the function of decreasing blood sugar, so that it can prevent the further damage to kidneys.

C. Chamomile tea also can lower high blood pressure, which is very important during Diabetic Nephropatht treatment.

D. Chamomile tea can work on your blood, cleaning the toxin in blood.

All in all, chamomile tea is good for Diabetic Nephropathy patients, so they can have a right amount of drinking. While, without a timely treatment, DN patients still will step into a serious stage and finally experience dialysis or kidney transplant. So patients should not only pay attention to the diet or life style, but also focus on the treatment which is the key to avoid kidney failure.

Shijiazhuang Kidney Disease Hospital is famous in specific treatments by oral herbal medicine, osmotherapy, enema and footbath therapy. Chinese herbal medicine has the function of promoting renal blood circulation to remove blood stasis, dilating blood vessels and eliminating toxins, and it can repair damaged renal tissues and improve renal function fundamentally. It is very benefit to the fundamental adjustment and improvement for the blood supply of heart, kidneys and fundus.

After foreign Diabetic Nephropathy patients’ coming, we will do a series of detailed checks such as blood routine test which including pancreas islet function, renal function and heart function etc for the comprehensive assessment, so that we can find the root reason. After that, there will be our experts consultation for your case, especially our Chinese medical specialist will do the TCM syndrome differentiation for you which named four diagnostic methods, that is looking, listening, questioning and feeling the pulse. They will prescribe many kinds of Chinese herbal formulas according to the result of their syndrome differentiation, so you will receive the specific Chinese herbal medicine treatment soon, specially including Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy treatment. It can remove all kinds of toxins and complex from your body to clean your inner body environment as well as repair your damaged organ functions.

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