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Excessive Sweating on Diabetic Nephroapthy

2014-12-16 08:30

How to deal with excessive sweating on Diabetic Nephropathy? Many patients and their family members do not know what should they do to deal with this problem.

The renal experts from Shijiazhuang Kidney Disease Hospital give the explanation are as following.

Low blood sugar is the main feature of diabetic nephropathy and excessive sweating is a common symptom of low blood sugar.

When the kidney function can not function well, a great amount of toxic substances build up in the kidneys, and the toxic substances will make damage to the other organs, leading the sweat glands to lose its function and your body is unable to regulate the temperature properly.

In addition, diabetes can make damage to autonomic nervous system which is responsible to keep heart rate, blood pressure and digestion system. Autonomic neuropathy also causes excessive sweating, particularly at night.

How to alleviate excessive sweating on Diabetic Nephropathy?

Eating dessert after dinner can cause insomnia and sweating at night, so you should limit the the intake of dessert. The most fundamental way to deal with excessive sweating is the renovation of kidney function because it is the damaged kidneys that leads to excessive sweating.

Shijiazhuang Kidney Disease Hospital gather many top brilliant renal experts to work together to study the treatments of Diabetic Nephropathy. They put forward a natural treatment called “four plus seven”treatment. The greatest advantage of this natural therapy is that it takes effects to repair the kidney function. It contains uncountable Chinese herbs which are picked from natural plants. Any details about the natural treatment, you can send email to What is the more importantly, the renal experts will make treating schedule according to different illness condition and the application of this natural treatment.

This natural treatment has been used to achieve this goal of promoting blood circulation, alleviating the symptom of excessive sweating, reducing the burden of the heart, so as to decreases the risks of developing other complications and symptoms.

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