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How to Treat Foot Swelling on Diabetic Nephropathy

2015-02-03 09:34

How to Treat Foot Swelling on Diabetic NephropathyFoot swelling is a common symptoms for patients with Diabetic Nephropathy, if you happen to be someone with foot swelling, you can send email to

Diabetic Nephropathy occurs when blood sugar in the blood vessels is higher enough to damage the blood vessels in the kidneys, so the glomeruli that are responsible to filter the wastes products and extra fluid are damaged in the kidneys. Because glomeruli can not remove out the wastes products and extra fluid effectively, they will accumulate into the kidneys, owing to gravity, foot swelling occurs. With foot swelling, patients can not walk well, and they have to lie down on bed all the time. On regard of this, patients are eager to find a treatment to deal with foot swelling.

What can patients done to help patients to alleviate foot swelling, the renal experts from Shijiazhuang Kidney Disease Hospital put forward a series of natural treatments which aims at improving kidney function. The natural treatments are Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy, Medicated Bath, Foot Bath, Steaming Therapy.

Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy. This is a treatment which is innovated on the basis of Traditional Chinese Medicine. The main materials in this therapy are picked from natural plants which makes it possible to make patients feel comfortable and safe. Under the guidance of renal experts, the Chinese herbs which has the accurate effects to patients’ disease are refined into powder and packaged into two medicated bags, what need patients do is lie down on the two medicated bags, with the help of osmotic machine, the active substances can penetrate inside kidneys through skin. This therapy has the function of accelerating blood circulation, extending blood vessels, so as to relive hypoxia and ischemia, supply sufficient blood and oxygen to the blood, alleviate some poisoning symptoms.

Medicated Bath. Patients need to have foot bath before they go to sleep. The Foot Bath is a therapy in which patients need to immerse their feet into medicated water. The main function of Foot Bath is to promote microcirculation.

With the natural treatment here, the kidney function can be effectively improved and foot swelling be relived correspondingly.

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