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Is Kidney Transplant Helpful for Patients with Diabetic Nephropathy

2015-03-27 11:25

Nowadays, the technology of kidney transplant has been used by patients with kidney disease to alleviate the symptoms as well as complications. Patients with Diabetic Nephropathy are wondering is kidney transplant helpful.

In the health kidneys, there are millions of tiny blood vessels and even tinier holes in the body, which acts as filters. The extra fluid and wastes products can be eliminated out of body by the function of filters. When the blood flows through the blood vessels, the small molecules such as waste products will squeeze though the holes. And the wastes products become a part of urine. And the useful substances such as protein and red blood cells will be absorbed into body.

The blood vessels are damaged due to high blood sugar levels in the body. And the filters are unable to remove the toxic substances and wastes products out of body. With time going by, many toxic substances begin to build up in the body and the filters begin to leak protein in the urine.

Kidney transplant is a procedure in which the new kidney was placed in the body to replace the diseased one. The new kidney can do what the health kidneys do. It is important that the new kidney has close relation with your body tissues. Otherwise, it will reject your body tissues easily. To some extent, kidney transplant is helpful for patients with Diabetic Nephropathy. But, kidney transplant is not a complete cure for your disease, there is always a chance that the new kidney will reject your body tissues.

The most fundamental way to deal with Diabetic Nephropathy is to repair the diseased blood vessels, and recover their normal function. As long as their function is improved, the symptoms and complications can be alleviated correspondingly.

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