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The New Hope for Patients to Fight Against Diabetic Nephropathy

2015-05-25 14:07

Diabetic Nephropathy treatmentWhen patients with Diabetic Nephropathy is higher than 200, dialysis or kidney transplant is the only option for patients to prolong the life expectancy.

In the western medical filed, when diabetes develop into diabetic nephropathy dialysis or kidney transplant seems the best way for patients to deal with diabetic nephropathy.

Mike, a patients from Bahrain, has the illness history of Diabetes for almost 18 years. With times goes by, the Diabetes develops into Diabetic Nephropathy and his creatinine is up to 200.

In 2014, Mike begin to receive dialysis when his creatinine is up to 600. However, Diabetic Nephropathy that Mike suffer from is severe enough to progress into uremia. So Mike is suffering from serious metabolic disorder. And the waster medications can not keep the illness condition under control. This is the reason why that Mike came to China to receive the treatment.

“You muse be kidding! I can not believe it !” said the local doctor when he heard that Traditional Chinese Medicine can help Mike get rid of dialysis.

When Mike’ creatinine level is up to 429, the swelling in his low legs is so serious that he can not walk and he is so cold that he had to cover himself two quilts. In western doctor’s view, it seems that dialysis or kidney transplant is the only way to deal with kidney disease.

The reason why that the kidney disease is keep deteriorating is because there are many toxic substances and wastes products in blood vessels. We can use Chinese medicine to clear away the toxic substances and wastes products from blood. Only by this mean, patients can get rid of dialysis.

When he is discharged from hospital, his creatinine level is down to 284, and high blood sugar level is down to 6-13 from 2-20. Now, Mike lives a normal life as other health people do.

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