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What are the Herbal Treatment for Diabetic Nephropathy

2015-12-02 14:59

What are the Herbal Treatment for Diabetic NephropathyDiabetic Nephropathy is a major complication of diabetes. Due to great prominence in the world, herbal treatment has been widely used in treating kidney disease.

The overview of Diabetic Nephropathy

Normally, in our kidneys, there are millions of capillaries and tiny holes in the kidneys acting as filers. And our body digest the foods we eat everyday and then, the filters will filter blood. The filtering process will eliminate wastes products and toxic substances, such as creatinine and urea and then keep useful substances in the body, such as proteins and red blood cells. High level of blood sugar will damage this system, as a result, kidney injury on the kidneys. This leads wastes products and toxic substances build up in the body and some useful substances leak into urine. Over time, more and more cells and tissues on these filters are involved. Eventually, kidney failure occurs. And then, patients begin to experience some poisoning symptoms and severe complications.

What are the herbal treatment for Diabetic Nephropathy ?

When Diabetic Nephropathy develops into advanced stage, dialysis and kidney transplant seems the only option for them to treat kidney disease. It is not an easy thing to go through, high treatment cost, lots of adverse effects and low success rate. In Shijiazhuang Kidney Disease Hospital, a natural treatment called Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy is developed to treat kidney disease. This is a therapy used in a external form. By using this external application, various toxic substances and extra fluid will be eliminated out of body effectively and fundamentally, because this treatment aims at improving kidney function. By dilating blood circulation and dilating blood vessels, sufficient blood and oxygen can be delivered to the kidneys, thus reliving the state of hypoxia and ischemia. And then, the diseased kidney cells and tissues have a health environment to be repaired.

If you are a patient with Diabetic Nephropathy, please send your present condition and phone number to The renal experts will analyze it and rely you as soon as possible.

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