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Can Dialysis Patients Eat Milk Products

2013-09-23 10:59

Can Dialysis Patients Eat Milk Products, dialysisCan dialysis patients eat milk products? It is a question asked by a kidney failure patient on dialysis treatment today. I answered him like this. Hoping the following information could also be helpful to you.

If kidney failure patients have dialysis, their healthy care provider choose a diet with the right amount of sodium, potassium, phosphorus and protein content. There may have some differences on diet suggestions before and on dialysis treatment.

Dialysis patients need to limit milk products, because of the high phosphorus content. Too much phosphorus in the blood can pull the calcium from the bones. They can use non dairy substitutes on cereals and coffee. Other safely use milk products include unfortified rice milk, non diary whipped cream, cottage cheese, miracle whip and sour cream. Soft cheeses are usually low in phosphorus than hard cheeses. Some of the high phosphorus foods include milk, cheeses and colas.

However, this is only the “general rule” of diet suggestions for dialysis patients. Kidney failure patients on dialysis should know that there is no a certain food they should forbid strictly. It depends on patients’ specific conditions and test result.

I also told him that though dialysis can be very necessary sometimes, it is not a long-term method after all. Healthy kidneys have many functions, while dialysis can only replace one part of these functions, so it is unable to replace kidneys totally. Long-term dialysis treatment will cause the decreased urine output, which indicates the continue loss of kidney function. Because of this and some side effects of dialysis treatment, more and more patients decide to stop dialysis.

If you would like to know more about diet for dialysis patients or natural ways to recover renal function to get rid of dialysis, we are glad to offer you more related information.

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