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The Side Effects of Dialysis

2013-09-27 15:10

The Side Effects of DialysisIf your kidneys don’t function well due to serious kidney diseases compared with the normal, your doctor may recommend dialysis. Dialysis is a form of treatment in which excess waste and fluid is removed from your body when your kidney is unable to do this task. However, dialysis can’t replace the whole of kidney, so it is impossible to discharge all the toxins from the body. The following introduces several side effects of dialysis.

1. Infection

One of the most common side effects of dialysis is infection. This is because dialysis involves the placement of tubes within the body to allow for the drainage and filtration of excess fluids and waste. Generally speaking, patients need to have dialysis treatments performed three to seven times each week, and each treatment can last 3~10hours. This is not only making patients more tired, but also increasing your risk of infection. Side effects of infection can include fever, stomach pain, nausea, body aches or vomiting. Certain patients may also develop inflammation or irritation of the skin at the site where the dialysis tube is inserted into the body.

2. Sleeping difficulties

Sleeping difficulties are common among the patients who are receiving dialysis treatment now. These treatments may be given at night while you are sleeping, which can lead to difficulty falling or staying asleep. Several dialysis patients develop uncomfortable or painful sensations within legs, causing them to frequently toss and turn while attempting to sleep.

3. Low blood pressure

Low blood pressure occurs when too much fluid is removed from the blood during hemodialysis. This can cause pressure to drop and nausea or dizziness may appear.

Since dialysis has many side effects, how to avoid dialysis is focused by many patients. Now, we have a good method to treat kidney disease effectively which can help you get rid of dialysis and kidney transplant completely, we call it Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy. This therapy can treat kidney from the root and doesn’t have any side effects or pain. If you are interested in this therapy, please contact us as early as possible. We are glad to help you.

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