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What Foods to Be Taken after Dialysis

2013-09-27 17:40

What Foods to Be Taken after DialysisAt present, more and more patients are concerned about what foods to be taken after dialysis. Because some phenomenon such as water retention and hyperkalemia are commonly seen to the patients who have dialyzed, which due to the unreasonable diet. So what foods to be taken after dialysis, the following may help you.

1 Get enough protein

Hemodialysis can make patients losing a little protein and amino acid and facilitate the dissimilation of the protein, which are easy to cause the balance of negative nitrogen. Therefore, patients should get enough protein in order to recover the former level. However, we must pay more attention to the quality of protein, more than two- thirds of patients should take animal protein like egg white, milk, lean meat, fish, etc.

2 Get right amount of calories

Plenty of calories can inhibit protein alienation and maintain ideal weight. If the calorie is not enough, the protein in food and its own protein (such as muscle) will be consumed as heat source. On account of the quickening protein catabolism and increased glycogen dysplasia, more waste materials can be produced. These materials are not only increasing the protein malnutrition, but also aggravating acidosis and promoting hyperkalemia.

3 Maintain water balance

Most of the patients with maintenance hemodialysis have the phenomenon such as oliguria or anuria, so controlling the intake of water strictly and maintaining water balance is an important link in prevention of complications and to improve the survival rate. If you take much water in the period between dialysis, it is easier to cause water retention, severe cases may die from the overweight of cyclic load.

4 Limit the intake of potassium

Patients with hemodialysis also should pay more attention to the potassium in the food. They should avoid these foods which are rich in potassium, such as vegetables, fruit, nuts, potato, mushroom, chocolate, instant coffee, etc.

In conclusion, as long as we pay attention to every detail of life, our condition will be better early. If you want to know more about what foods to be taken after dialysis, please contact us by phone or email quickly and you can leave your message below too. We look forward to your asking.

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