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How Long can You Live after Dialysis

2013-09-29 11:20

Dialysis is the most common treatment of uremia, but how long can they live after dialysis is concerned by many patients. If you only receive dialysis but without any other treatments, it is more likely to live one year, two years or three years, which can’t be determined.

Dialysis is the most direct way to eliminate the toxins in the body. When body produces a large number of toxins which can threaten the life, dialysis can help you eliminate toxins immediately and balance the environment basically, at the same time, it can bring opportunity to the next step of treatment. However, dialysis has many side effects which make patients don’t want to choose this method.

Kidney dialysis is blood dialysis which we usually say. As is well known to us, dialysis is impossible to treat disease from the root and it only has the function to maintain life for a short time. It is an expensive treatment which needs lots of financial and material resources if you receive it in the early time. Moreover, dialysis can also bring some related complications which are serious to your body. However, if you delay the starting time of dialysis, you may lose your life because of uremia or other lethal complications. So it is very important to know the time when you must to start dialysis.

Any treatment of diseases has a short or a long process, but it doesn’t mean that the disease can’t be cured. If you have these similar worries, we hope you have enough confidence to believe yourself and doctors. Although it is uncertain that how long can you live after dialysis, we can promise that if you treat your disease at the early time and adopt an effective method, you will be well quickly.

Finally, if you want to know more about this topic or you are interested in the treatment of kidney disease, please contact us by phone or email, you can also leave your message below, we look forward to your asking.

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