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Why Headache Appears after Dialysis

2013-10-04 14:19

Why Headache Appears after DialysisPatients with uremia generally use dialysis to treat their kidney diseases, but most of them often have symptoms like headache or nausea after dialysis, so why headache appears after dialysis among patients is concerned by more and more people, the following may give you answers.

Kidney disease experts indicate that headache incidence rate is 5%after dialysis, the frequent causes are:

1 High blood pressure

Headache can be caused by the increasing blood pressure after dialysis. If the serious blood pressure still can’t fall after treatment, patients should stop dialysis immediately, which can change blood pressure back to the normal level.

2 Dialysis disequilibrium syndrome

Dialysis disequilibrium syndrome makes the nervous system symptoms as the main performance of the syndrome which appears shortly in the process of dialysis or after dialysis. Reasonable guiding of dialysis is an important measure to reduce dialysis disequilibrium syndrome, such as improve the concentration of sodium in the dialyzate or involve in physiological saline in the process of dialysis. All the measures are effective on the advice of kidney disease experts.

3 Other reasons

If hemolysis, hard water syndrome or insupportableness of acetate occurs in the process of dialysis, headache may also appear after dialysis.

Because dialysis is the most effective method to treat uremia or prolong the life expectancy of uremia patients, patients or doctors must avoid the above factors which may cause headache as soon as possible. Only in this way, can patients’ life be a less painful and more fun. In addition, to the patients with headache, they should find causes earlier and try to use effective method in treating headache.

However, dialysis only can replace a part of kidney and it has various side effects to patients, so if patients want to get rid of dialysis as soon as possible, there we want to recommend a method called Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy which does not have any side effects and pain. Drugs are sent to kidney by advanced equipment, which can repair damaged kidney cells and recover renal circulatory system and kidney function effectively.

If you want to know more about why headache appears after dialysis or have other questions about kidney, please contact us by phone or email us to, we are glad to help you.

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