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Why Does Patients with ESRD caused by Diabetes Need Dialysis Earlier

2013-10-09 13:42

In general, patients with ESRD caused by diabetes will experience dialysis treatment earlier than those patients with ESRD caused by other conditions. Now follow us to find the reason and some other useful information for ESRD patients.

Diabetic kidney disease is the most common complication of diabetes, also one of main reasons causing death for diabetics. Compared with patients with ESRD caused by other primary disease, the damages to extra-renal organs in end stage diabetic kidney disease patients occur earlier and the degree is more severe. Cardiovascular complications (they are the leading causes of death for ESRD patients), peripheral vascular disease, peripheral nerve and autonomic neuropathy, retinopathy and gastrointestinal mucosal lesions are the leading factors that influence the life quality and life expectancy of ESRD patients. What is more, the speed of development of these complications will be faster and faster.

1-2 years before the start of dialysis is the period that diabetic retinopathy develops most fast. If diabetic kidney disease patients start dialysis treatment as early as possible, then the progression of retinopathy can be slowed down, also the damages to other extra-renal organs will be lightened. That is the reason why patients with ESRD caused by diabetes usually start dialysis earlier.

Diabetes will not cause death directly, but its severe complications. We can not deny that to manage diabetic kidney disease well is an efficient way to avoid or relieve other complications. What is more, no one patient wants to experience dialysis or receive a kidney transplant.

If you are suffering from any side effects of dialysis treatment or you are interested in natural treatment options to avoid dialysis and kidney transplant, we need more about your condition. You can leave us a message below or email to, our experts will surely give you some professional medical advises according to your condition.

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