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Can A Dialysis Patient Eat Persimmon

2013-10-27 16:16

Can A Dialysis Patient Eat PersimmonIn our daily life, eating a lot of fresh fruits are considered very beneficial to people’s health. However, to the dialysis patients, in order to protect the safety of dialysis, patients should pay close attention to the diet. Therefore, many people consult us can a dialysis patient eat persimmon freely?

It is well known that persimmon is rich in potassium and hyperkalemia is always regarded as a common symptom that need to receive dialysis treatment immediately for uremia patients. In fact, 95% extra potassium in body is removed by urine. When kidney fails to work properly, excessive water is unable to discharge out of the body, thus potassium builds up, which lead to hyperparasitism easily, even cause death to patients. Therefore, it is very important to have a right diet for dialysis patients.

In addition to persimmon , the following list other foods that a dialysis patient can eat and foods they should avoid.

1. Fruits rich in potassium:Hami melon, peach, kiwi fruit, banana, jujube, sweet pomegranate, oranges, mangoes.

2. Fruits with low potassium: Pineapple, wax-apple, watermelon, pitaya, cherrytomato, pear, guava, lemon and apple.

3. Foods with high potassium: Coffee, tea, sports drinks, cola , fruit juice, cocoa, plum juice, chocolate, tomato sauce.

However, can a dialysis patient eat potassium ? we are not suggest you to avoid persimmon forever, because it need to depend on a variety of factors, such as the times of dialysis, illness condition, etc.

Actually, we want to tell that dialysis only can replace a part of kidney function for a short time. After dialysis or during the process of it, a variety of side effects and complications caused by inadequate dialysis may affect patients’ illness condition and daily life to a large degree. So if you want to know some natural and effective therapies in treating kidney disease from the root, please chat with our online doctors or leave your detailed information in the box below, we will reply you as soon as possible.

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