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How To Avoid Constipation In Dialysis Patients

2013-10-28 14:49

How To Avoid Constipation In Dialysis PatientsConstipation is seen commonly among dialysis patients. Though dialysis is considered as an effective measurement for kidney failure patients with completely failed kidney function, but in other ways, it affects patients’ daily life seriously, constipation is one of them. So you need to make clear the following two problems: what causes constipation in dialysis patients and how to avoid constipation in dialysis patients.

What causes constipation in dialysis patients

Several factors can hinder normal bowel function in dialysis patients. On the one hand, dialysis patients are asked for limiting the water intake strictly, constipation appears easily among them. On the other hand, many medicines that dialysis patients take can cause constipation too. Moreover, constipation can not only increase the absorption of toxins, but also raise the blood pressure, all of these bad influences may affect patients’ life seriously, so the problem how to avoid constipation in dialysis patients becomes more and more important to them.

How to avoid constipation in dialysis patients

1. Diet

Taking a high fiber diet is one of the best ways to prevent constipation in dialysis patients. Nutritionist advises that adults consume 20 to 50 g of fiber per day. Although high fiber whole grains and dried beans are restricted in the diet for dialysis patients, many fruits and vegetables are the main source of fiber, such as strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, apples, grapes, carrots, corn and green beans.

2. Medicines

Sometimes, diet is not enough to avoid constipation in dialysis patients. On this occasion, talk about to your doctor about recommending a stool softener and laxative you can take.

3. Other ways

In addition to the above suggestions, the following may also help dialysis patients to avoid constipation effectively. Such as drink plenty of fluids, get regular exercise, keep optimistic mood, etc.

Hope the above suggestions we offered are helpful for dialysis patients to avoid constipation as soon as possible. Besides, if you still have any other unclear things, please email to , we are glad to help you.

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