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How Long Can A Person Stay on Dialysis

2013-11-10 11:57

How Long Can A Person Stay on Dialysis, dialysisIf you are a kidney failure patient, you may have already been on dialysis treatment now or you will need it in the near future. Most patients are wondering how long can a person stay on dialysis. Follow us to get the answer and learn more about dialysis treatment.

How long can a person stay on dialysis?

Some dialysis patients can only live for several years, while others can even live for more than 10 years or so. Some related materials have shown that the average life expectancy for dialysis patient is 4.25 years and only 23% of patients can live for 10 years. No one can give an exact number to how long can a person stay on dialysis treatment. It is involved in many factors, like patients’ages, whether there are some severe symptoms or complication, patients’mental condition, etc.

No matter whether you are on dialysis treatment or not

Though there is no an exact answer to how long can a person stay on dialysis, there still has something more important patients should know. And that is a normal life can be still expected.

Now that the loss of kidney function makes dialysis treatment possible, it is easy for us to understand that the only way to avoid or get rid of dialysis is to make kidneys work normally again by recovering kidney function. Click here Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy and Immunotherapy to learn what treatment can bring you new hopes.

As to dialysis treatment, it should be used temporarily when it is needed. We hope every kidney disease patient could live a normal life without dialysis and kidney transplant. And we will be here fighting against the disease together with you.

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