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Why Muscle Cramps Happen to Patients on Hemodialysis

2013-11-17 11:50

Muscle Cramps, HemodialysisSome kidney failure patients on hemodialysis explain that they are suffering from muscle cramps which especially appear near the end of hemodialysis treatment. Then why muscle cramps happen to patients on hemodialysis and how to manage it? Please read on.

Why muscle cramps happen to patients on hemodialysis?

-Low blood pressure happening during hemodialysis treatment.

-If the weight of patients is less than dry weight after ultrafiltration, muscle cramps may appear at the later stage of hemodialysis. And it can even last for several hours after the treatment.

-The application of low sodium dialysate can cause the serum sodium to decline sharply, which leads to vasoconstriction in the muscles and ischaemia of muscle. Then muscle cramps happens.

How to prevent muscle cramps for patients on hemodialysis?

-To prevent low blood pressure can help prevent most of muscle cramps happening. Some patients can avoid muscle cramps by increasing the sodium concentration in dialyzate at the last 1-2 hours of dialysis treatment.

-Acute muscle cramps can be treated with hyperosmotic glucose or hypertonic saline. Because the sodium load in the hypertonic saline can cause thirsty after hemodialysis treatment, patients with non-diabetes had better choose hyperosmotic glucose to treat muscle cramps.

Can patients on hemodialysis still expect a normal life?

Apart from muscle cramps, there are some other side effects of hemodialysis treatment. This can become one of reasons why more and more patients decide to stop hemodialysis treatment. In the clinic, there are lots of successful cases that patients got rid of dialysis treatment and live a normal life. However, to repair kidney damage and recover renal function is the only way to achieve this, which is something easy for us to understand. Take the safety and efficiency into account, you are recommended to click Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy and Immunotherapy.

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