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Can People Stop Dialysis with Kidney Disease

2013-11-20 15:07

Can People Stop Dialysis with Kidney Disease, stop dialysisIn many countries, dialysis treatment can be a common treatment option especially when kidney disease develop kidney failure. However, nowadays more and more kidney failure patients decide to stop dialysis treatment. Follow us to see why and whether can people stop dialysis with kidney disease.

Why more and more kidney disease patients want to stop dialysis treatment?

Dialysis treatment can really help kidney disease patients remove wastes and excess fluid out of body, and maintain patients’ lives to a certain degree, which is something we can not deny. The reasons why patients want to stop it include: some patients have to bear the side effects caused by dialysis including low blood pressure, headache, leg pain, itchy skin, nausea, vomiting, sleep problem, etc. These side effects undoubtedly discount the quality of their life; some kidney disease patients have to go and take dialysis treatment about three times weekly, 45minutes each time, which disturbs their life; dialysis can only replace one part of functions of kidneys, so it is unable to treat kidney disease from the root. Long-term dialysis treatment can only delay the condition, which can be proved by the decreased urine output; the financial problems can also be a reason for some dialysis patients.

Can people stop dialysis with kidney disease?

Yes, the answer is definite. Firstly people should know that they have the right to decide to stop dialysis when they find dialysis treatment is no longer improve the quality of life.

We hope every kidney disease patient could stop dialysis one day, but this can not be achieved immediately. To repair kidney damage and recover renal function is the only way to help stop dialysis treatment. Nowadays, in the clinic, there are so many successful cases, which is really good. Take the safety and efficiency into consideration, you are recommended to click How to Stop Dialysis for Chronic Kidney Failure Patients. Also if you have any follow-up questions or you need the patient stories, you can leave us a message below or email to, we will surely reply you within 48 hours.

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