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How Long Can You Live with Lupus and Dialysis

2013-12-24 00:29

How Long Can You Live with Lupus and Dialysis, lupus, dialysisLupus, a common autoimmune disease, is likely to damage many organs including kidneys. Lupus Nephritis is a common complication of lupus. If the condition can not be controlled well, it will develop Chronic Kidney Failure after different years to individuals. In that case, dialysis will be commonly recommended in many countries. Then how long can people live with lupus and dialysis?

Well, we have to say there is no an exact answer to how long people can live with lupus and dialysis. Some related materials have shown that the average life expectancy for dialysis patients is 4.25 years, and only 23% of patients can live for 10 years. In our opinion, you should ignore these numbers because individuals have different conditions and the life expectancy can be affected by many factors like patients’age, whether there are some obvious symptoms or complications, etc.

We have mentioned above that lupus can damage many organs, brain, heart, lungs are also included. Once they are damaged, the severe complications can be very fatal. Are you experiencing some complications of lupus?

So we can not tell how long people can live with lupus and dialysis exactly. But we can help you how to improve the life expectancy. There are two things that people with lupus who are on dialysis treatment have to do and they are eliminating lupus and repairing kidney damage.

Dialysis treatment is unable to eliminate lupus, but another blood purification technique like plasma exchange has a very obvious effect in doing this. While many countries do not have other advanced blood purification techniques besides dialysis, which can be a reason why so many cases can not be treated well. As to the repair to kidney damage, nowadays Chinese therapies are commonly used in the clinic due to their safety, high efficiency, short treatment time and reasonable cost. We will be here fighting against the disease together with you. So feel free to let us know if having any follow-up questions.

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