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Why Muscle Cramps Occur in Hemodialysis Patients

2014-02-08 19:48

Muscle cramps can be a common complication in hemodialysis patients, which accounts for 20% of all the cases. In severe condition, this alternative therapy may be terminated. Well, why muscle cramps occur in dialysis patients?

To be honest, the specific cause is still unknown. However, some of the following factors are reported to have close connection with it’s occurrence.

Low blood pressure

During the course, too much fluid will be discharged out of the body, when the filtration rate is above the osmotic pressure of blood vessels, the peripheral blood volume will declines accordingly. In this case, ischemia and anoxic state will present in muscle tissue, resulting in muscle cramps.


During hemodialysis, large amounts of fluid within in the dialysate will enter the blood stream, and lead to hemodilution, hyponatremia. And sharp decline in plasma osmotic pressure may irritate the muscle and nerve’s system. In serious condition, symptoms like swelling in the brain cells, convulsion, muscle cramps may come into being.


This sign is very common in the early stage of hemodialysis(without enough calcium and active vitamin D). As shortage of calcium increases the neuromuscular irritability, which manifest as muscle cramps.

Nervous system lesion

Except for the above factors, various nervous system lesions can also lead to muscle cramps, which mainly include Disequilibrium Syndrome, Dialytic Encephalopathy, Peripheral Neuropathy, etc. And extra accumulation of various toxins within the body can be regarded as the major cause.

After the above analysis, we believe you have formed a basic understanding about the causes. If you or your relatives are suffering from this, it is necessary to identify the specific cause. Any doubts? Please click the Free Help immediately!

Frankly speaking, muscle cramps in hemodialysis will bring patients much inconvenience, so, it is of great importance to seek for effective treatments as early as possible. And hot compress therapy can be your good choice. For detailed information, you are welcomed to Good Luck!

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