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Can Dialysis Patients Have Alfalfa Sprouts

2014-02-12 01:53

Can dialysis patients have alfalfa sprouts? If you are interested in this, please follow me to get the answer.

With the progressive development of kidney disorder, normally in it’s advanced stage, dialysis is suggested to purify blood by excreting wastes, toxins, excess fluid out of the body. To improve the life quality and control the condition effectively, a well-managed diet is of crucial importance.

Can Dialysis Patients Have Alfalfa SproutsAccording to the analysis, a 100 g alfalfa sprouts contain 251 KJ energy, water 81.8g, protein 3.9g, fat 1g, dietary fiber 2.1g, carbohydrates 8.8g, potassium 497mg, sodium 5.8mg, calcium 713mg, iron 61mg, zinc 2.01mg and so on. And nephrologists at our center have concluded the following benefits:

Digestive health

For those undergo dialysis, some of them may suffer from digestive problems like constipation. And the fiber within the alfalfa sprouts can help ease this symptom to a certain degree. By this means, toxins may be discharged out of the body.

Reduce cholesterol level

If the test report show high cholesterol level, patients can eat this plant in moderation, as it may be effective in lowering total cholesterol and low-density lipoprotein level.

Heart health

Except for lowering cholesterol level, alfalfa sprouts are believed to prevent hardening of arteries and other cardiovascular health.

Even if it is of many benefits, the L-Canavanine sulfate present in this plant may cause damage to the immune system and worsen SLE. Excess ingestion of alfalfa sprouts can also destroy the blood cells. Besides, sufferers may become susceptible to infections. If you want to add it into your diet or have questions about this, please describe us your condition in detail and email to immediately.

Frankly speaking, alfalfa sprouts alone may be not enough to control the condition of dialysis patients. Wanna to get more? Please click A Healthy Diet for People Just on Dialysis.

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