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Why Do Dialysis Patients Need to Limit Fluid Intake

2014-02-18 23:38

For people on dialysis, they are usually recommended to limit fluid intake strictly. Then, why?

In advanced stage of kidney disease(mostly ESRD), about 85-90% kidney function have been lost. Then, metabolic disorders and excess fluid will build up in the body, which manifest as decreased urine output and deterioration of renal function in clinic.

To be frank, dialysis can work as a artificial kidney to a certain extent, in this way, excess fluid and toxins can be excreted out of the body.

And the following contents are benefits of limit fluid intake for dialysis patients:

1. Control blood pressure. General speaking, the blood pressure level of dialysis patients’ is mainly determined by fluid inside your body.

2. Decrease the workload of heart. Excess intake of water will worsen the workload of heart, in serious cases, it may lead to heart failure.

3. Avoid complications. If too much water is eliminated in a short time, the risk of presenting low blood pressure and other complications will be increased, or even threaten patients’ life.

In addition, some dialysis patients can still have certain amount of urine when this treatment is over. However, due to poor compensation ability, these sufferers also need to limit fluid intake. And the intake of water should be based on daily urine output, in this way, metabolic products and toxins will be discharged out of the body, therefore, residual kidney function can be protected largely.

After the above introductions, we believe you have formed a basic understanding about why dialysis patients need to limit fluid intake. However, simply limit fluid intake is not enough to maintain health. Besides, there are still some limitations. If you are interested in this, please leave us message to or consult with our Live Doctor directly!

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