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Can Dialysis Relieve Itchy Skin

2014-03-08 19:08

Can Dialysis Relieve Itchy SkinMany people will carry on dialysis when kidney disease progresses into kidney failure to relive some symptoms. Itchy skin is one of the common symptoms in Chronic Kidney Failure. Can dialysis relieve itchy skin?

What are the causes of itchy skin in kidney failure?

kidneys are responsible for discharging the toxins in blood to keep the blood clean and keep our body healthy. When the disease enters into kidney failure, the remaining kidney function is less than 15%. Therefore, the toxins can not be removed completely and they will deposit in blood. Some of the toxins will be discharged through skin, causing stimulation. So you will feel itchy. This is the main reason of itchy skin in kidney failure.

There are also other factors that are involved in itchy skin, such as high level of phosphorus, dehydration, less oil secretion, etc.

Can dialysis relieve itchy skin?

Dialysis is regarded as the artificial kidney, which used to help kidneys do some jobs that kidneys fail to do. Filtering the toxins is one of the goals that dialysis can achieve. It can remove some micro molecular toxins. Itchy skin can be relieved to some extent after dialysis.

But it is not the basic method to relieve itchy skin. Why do I say that? This is because dialysis is just the replacement treatment. It can not discharge the toxins adequately. What’s more, once dialysis is stopped, the toxins will build up in blood again. So itchy skin will reoccur.

What is the best treatment for itchy skin?

The most effective way to deal with itchy skin is to improve kidney function, thus the toxins will be discharged naturally. What treatment aims at improving kidney function? Here Hot Compress Therapy is suggested. This is a natural herbal therapy based on Traditional Chinese Medicine. It is an external application. The damaged kidney cells can be repaired and kidney function can be improved.

From the above we can see that dialysis can relieve itchy skin, but it is not the best treatment. If you are interested in the natural therapy, let me know by sending me an email to or leaving a message below. I will give you more information!

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