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Am I not Far Away from Dialysis with Creatinine 7.1

2014-03-19 01:03

If you are troubled by kidney disease, you must have heard dialysis, a common method that used to replace some of the works of kidneys. When is dialysis needed? Is creatinine 7.1 means that your are not far away from dialysis?

Actually, creatinine level is one of the evaluator of how kidneys are functioning. Creatinine is the metabolic product of muscles and kidneys take charge of filtering it out of the body. Due to the big compensatory ability of kidneys, high creatinine level will not occur until half of kidney functions lose. If the creatinine accumulate in blood to a certain level, it will not only worsen kidney disease, but also pose discomforts on patients, such as fatigue, sleepiness. Also it will shorten the lifespan of the cells. If it still stays in the blood, great loss will occur to patients.

Dialysis is designed for replacing some of the functions of kidneys when kidneys fails to do their jobs. Discharging toxins in blood is one of the aims of dialysis. But when to start dialysis is worth consideration. Does high creatinine mean dialysis? Is creatinine 7.1 indicate that dialysis should be used?

Creatinine 7.1 is definitely higher than the normal level of 0.5-1.2mg/dl. But whether dialysis is needed or not should depends on your physical condition and illness condition. If creatinine 7.1 causes no obvious symptoms, dialysis should be delayed. But if you are patients with diabetes, you should start dialysis earlier than other patients who do not have diabetes.

Are you afraid of dialysis? As a matter of fact, dialysis can be avoided. There is no need for you to go through dialysis and suffer that pain. You must be curious that with what method can dialysis be avoided. Here I will offer you a natural treatment that is quite different and more effective than dialysis. It is Hot Compress Therapy, which aims at repairing the damaged kidney cells and improving kidney function--to slove the kidney problems from the root. If you are interested in it, you can send me an email to for further consultation.

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