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Is Dialysis A Good Choice for Me with BUN 20

2014-03-27 23:41

Are you kidney disease patient with high BUN level of 20. Maybe you are taking dialysis or are going to take dialysis. Is Dialysis a good choice for you? Is there any other treatment except for dialysis?

BUN level is an evaluator of kidney function. It is the by product of protein. Normally, the healthy kidneys will keep them within a certain range by filtering the extra. If kidneys run disorderly, excessive BUN will build up in kidneys. The accumulated BUN will put an increasing strain on kidneys. So the accumulated BUN should be cleared out in time to reduce further damage to kidneys.

Mostly, dialysis will be used to take over the job of kidneys. It is regarded as an artificial kidney, which can help kidneys remove some of the toxins, such as creatinine and BUN. However, dialysis is not necessary if there is no obvious symptoms. Starting dialysis too early will increase the pace to kidney failure. Is BUN a good choice for you to lower BUN 20? If you are troubled by obvious symptom, dialysis can be used. That is the commonly used method. It can help lower the BUN level and relieve the symptoms. But at the same time, it will bring you a lot of side-effects, which will make you discomfortable.

Except for dialysis, there are also better choices for you. That is natural treatments, which is advocated by our kidney experts. The natural treatments focus on improving kidney function and solve the problem from the root. Once kidney function is enhanced, all the problems will be solved. What’s more, the natural treatments cause no side-effects on kidneys and your body. Hot Compress Therapy is one of the featured natural treatment, which used externally.

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