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What will Happen If Dialysis Stops Working

2014-04-02 01:00

Are you experiencing dialysis now? Do you ever have the illusion of giving up dialysis? Then do you know what will happen if dialysis stops working?

As we all know, kidneys play an important role in keeping us healthy. When kidneys are damaged, kidney function will lost over time. So the works to keep the body running in order by filtering the waste products and extra water, keeping balance of electrolyte, regulating blood pressure and secreting other hormones cannot be performed well. When kidney function drops to less than 15% or your body appears obvious symptoms, dialysis will be applied. It can help you sustain life by doing some of the jobs for kidneys. There are many cases that people longer with dialysis. But what if you stop dialysis? What will happen?

Actually, when you start dialysis, kidneys have already depend on it. The kidney function declines more quickly if it does not work for a long time. So if dialysis is stopped, the condition of your whole body will be in a great mess. The remaining kidney function may cannot support you for a long time. You may die within weeks or even within days because of high level of toxins in blood.

Does that mean that once you start dialysis, you cannot stop? Is there any other method can help you get rid of dialysis? Of course there is. Have you ever heard of Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy? This therapy is a natural therapy on the basis of traditional Chinese medicine. Being applied externally, this therapy has successfully avoid the bitter taste in of the traditional one. The herbal ingredients can help repair the damaged kidney cells and restore kidney function. Even if you are on dialysis, with the help of this therapy, you can get rid of it once kidneys returns to normal tract. There are so many successful cases in Beijing Tongshantang Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine. If you are interested in, you can send me an email to for detailed information.

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