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Is Dialysis the Only Option for GFR 15 and Creatinine 5

2014-04-11 23:10

Is Dialysis the Only Option for GFR 15 and Creatinine 5  Many people with GFR 15 and Creatinine 5 are often suggested to take dialysis. Is Dialysis the only option for this condition? Wanna alternatives? Please go on reading.

As a matter of fact, when kidney function declines to below 15% or you are companied by obvious symptoms, dialysis is recommended in most countries. Except for dialysis, kidney transplantation is the last choice. However, neither dialysis nor transplantation can achieve the curative effects. They are the medical methods to relieve the symptoms and help sustain life. But the life quality with them is poor.

Is there other alternative to improve kidney function and lower high creatinine? Luckily, there is. The experts in Shijiazhuang Kidney Disease Hospital in China have invented the alternatives--blood pollution therapy. This therapy gets two process involved.

The first is to clean the blood.

More advanced blood purification technologies are applied, such as blood filtration, blood perfusion, immune adsorption, plasma exchange, etc to remove the inflammatory mediators, inflammatory factors and other pollution elements out. In this process, the Chinese medicine, also takes an important role in cleaning the pathogenic factors that the physical purifications can not clean. With enema, oral Chinese herbs, cycle thereapy, foot both, mediated bath, the blood will be further cleaned.

The second step is to improve kidney function.

To repair the impaired inherent renal cells to accelerate the improvement in kidney function is the ultimate purpose of treating kidney disease. Our experts have invented a series of therapies that aims at achieving this goal. The doctor will choose the specific treatment on the basis of accurate diagnosis, for example, the Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy. The doctor will provide you a comprehensive treatment schedule according to your illness condition.

From the above you can see that dialysis is not the only option for GFR 15 and creatinine 5. There is alternatives. If you want to know more about the treatment, you can send me an email to for a personal reply.

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