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Can I Live Long with End-Stage Renal Disease Alternative to Dialysis

2014-05-12 01:30

Can I Live Long with End-Stage Renal Disease Alternative to DialysisAre there someone who are suffering from end-stage renal disease around you? Have they done dialysis to help them live long? Recently, many patients ask: can I live long with end-stage renal disease alternative dialysis?

Dialysis and renal disease treatment facts 

Dialysis is started when the symptoms of renal failure become too troublesome and when blood tests show that waste products are at a level where problems are likely. Dialysis indeed can help prolong patient’s life in a short time, it can replace kidney to work remove toxins and waste from body. But unfortunately, it can bring some side effects to patients while prolonging their life. Some patients’ death always caused by those complications and side effects. Then patients will ask: can I live long with end-stage renal disease alternative to dialysis?

Is there an effective treatment except dialysis in end-stage renal disease?

In many western countries, there are some good methods to clear toxins in patient’s body, but they have no an effective treatment to relieve stasis. So, Chinese natural therapy is popular among end-stage renal disease patients in recent years.

Hot Compress Therapy is one of them. Based on the TCM(Traditional Chinese Medicine), it is a new therapy which invented by our top kidney disease experts. The herbs used to patients are different from each other, they are depend on patient’s illness condition, so every patient’s medicines are unique. With the help of osmosis device, the effective Chinese medicines can permeate into renal lesions directly to repair damaged kidney cells, improve kidney functions. If you want to know more about this therapy, send your question to We will reply to you as soon as possible. I believe you can live a long life with this innovative therapy.

Can I live long with end-stage renal disease alternative dialysis? Do not lose hope to seek for effective therapy to help you or your beloved one live longer, may be you will find the bright light soon. Leave your bewilderment as the form of message below, we are here to help.

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