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What Can I Do with Headache During Dialysis

2014-05-29 17:45

Dialysis, one common method to prolong the patient’s life expectancy. But unluckily, dialysis has some side effects to patients and complications according to years of applications. Headache is one of them, why does headache occur and what can I do with headache during dialysis?

Why does headache occur during dialysis?  

There are many causes that can lead to headache during dialysis, the followings are some.

1. High blood pressure

For dialysis patients, the blood pressure is not stable. Their blood pressure will decrease during dialysis, which will easily cause headache. For patients with symptom of high blood pressure, their blood pressure will reduce after dialysis. So, patients may get headache with the rapid fluctuation of blood pressure.

2. The imbalance of electrolytes

For dialysis patients or kidney disease patients, the imbalance of electrolytes are common symptom. Besides, the imbalance of phosphorus and calcium and aluminum poison can easily cause headache. Therefore, the imbalance of electrolytes can also cause headache during dialysis.

Then, what can I do with headache during dialysis?

A. Control patient’s blood pressure into normal range

Dialysis headache is characterized by occurring during hemodialysis, disappearing within 72 hours after dialysis, emerging at least half of the hemodialysis sessions and by at least three attacks with these properties. To prevent headache, people with dialysis need to control their blood pressure into normal range, reduce salt intake and do not change dialysis fluid casually.

B. Take an effective treatment instead of dialysis

For kidney failure patients, dialysis can not help them treat their diseases from root and effectively. It only can replace kidney to remove the toxins from body, but patient’s kidney condition will be worse and worse over time. Hot Compress Therapy is strongly recommended to you. This is an external therapy that can help you treat kidney disease from root and has no side effects to the body. What is more important, patients can not feel any pain during treatment. The only thing they need to do is to lie on the bed, chatting with our nurses or sleeping. If you are doing dialysis and suffering from headache, you can change one treatment. Maybe the symptom of headache can be solved out. If you have interest in Hot Compress Therapy, email to

What can I do with headache during dialysis? The above just some advice for you, and there are some other treatments in our hospital that can help treat kidney disease without side effects. If you have any other problems and symptoms, leave a message below, we are here to help. Take care!

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