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Life Expectancy After Stopping Dialysis

2013-02-26 11:11

What is the life expectancy after stopping dialysis? Dialysis is necessary for people with completely failed kidney, as it can replace kidney to remove the wastes out of the blood. However, living with dialysis is tough, many patients want to stop it after undergoing it for a certain time. Well then, what will happen after stopping dialysis?

We know after kidney failure patients stop continuing dialysis, wastes will build up in the blood. These wastes, including some toxins, circulate with blood and they may get almost anywhere of our body. When they cause damages on our internal organs, we will suffer from more health tissues. The followings are the possible conditions that people who have stopped kidney failure may experience:

1. Cardiovascular diseases like heart failure: kidneys help to adjust blood pressure and failed kidneys can not play that function well. Consequently, high blood pressure occurs. Besides, without effective kidney function, excessive sodium and phosphorus build up in the blood, which also can increase patient’s risk of developing cardiovascular diseases.

2. Gastrointestinal problem: Common gastrointestinal problem includes nausea, vomiting, poor appetite and bad taste in mouth and so on.

3. Hard breath

4. Serious anemia which will make you looks pale, feel tired easily and so on.

5. You may also experience bone pain, difficulties in working and some other bone problems.

6. Decreased sex drive or impotence.

7. Poor memory, insomnia, difficulties in concentrating and slow response and so on.

All the kidney failure patients are at high risk of developing the above conditions, but compared with people who are on dialysis, these who have stopped dialysis, they experience the above complications more easily.

Dialysis is not a perfect and long-term solution for kidney failure; but for these whose kidneys have been damaged seriously, dialysis is necessary and helpful. Therefore, please do not stop dialysis casually without the permission of you doctor.

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