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Fever in Dialysis: Can I Get Rid of Dialysis with Kidney Failure

2014-08-30 16:52

Dialysis is a common treatment for kidney failure, but it also can cause other discomforts, and one of the health problems is fever. We can imagine that fever can increase the pain of the patients. Thus, many patients having the same experience come up with many questions, for instance, why do i suffer from fever during dialysis? Can i get rid of dialysis with kidney failure? As a kidney doctor, we very understand the patient’s mood, so we give you the answer from the following articles, please read ti with patient.

Why do the patients suffer from fever during dialysis?

There are two common causes of fever in dialysis, one is infection, another is not suitable for dialysis.

For the patients undergoing dialysis, they are easy to be infected. One reason is the poor immunity. Due to the immune system disorder and the loss of nutrients, the immunity of the patient is very low, which is a main reason of infection. Besides, unclean machine also can lead to infection. Except infection, if you are not suitable for dialysis, you also may suffer from fever.

Can I get rid of dialysis with kidney failure?

In fact, if you are suffering from the complications of dialysis, you need to take some measures to remit it. In China, natural treatments can help you get rid of dialysis if you have kidney failure. And the famous and effective treatment is Hot Compress Therapy. The raw materials of this therapy are from natural herbs, and are processed before using. It is an external therapy. Through activating them, they can getting into kidneys quickly and effectively. This therapy not only can help you remit the complications of dialysis, but also can help you protect your kidney and improve your renal function.

Now, do you know the answer that whether you can get rid of dialysis when you have fever in dialysis? If you have any other questions or want to know our Hot Compress Therapy, we are willing to receive your email for Best regard to you.

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