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Causes for Urinating Blood for Dialysis Patients

2014-10-26 10:50

Dialysis, a procedure that uses a special machine to replace the kidneys in filtering waste from the bloodstream, has already become a common treatment for kidney failure patients. But dialysis patients may experience other problems, urinating blood can be one of them. Then what are the causes for urinating blood for dialysis patients?

-If dialysis treatment can not be guaranteed to be done in a complete sterile environment, pathogene can enter into blood easily or primary infection spreads, thus making blood in urine possible to appear.

-The use of anticoagulant during dialysis can be also one of causes for urinating blood. This medication is used to avoid endovascular embolization, thrombus or other disorders. The incorrect dose of anticoagulant may result in blood in urine.

-There is no doubt that dialysis patients’ kidney function has been impaired. Blood in urine is always the common symptom of kidney disease. The damaged kidneys can not stop the red blood cells leaking out, thus forming blood in urine.

Your dialysis team will help you find the real cause for urinating blood, and then adopt the corresponding measures to help relieve it, so do not worry too much. You are welcomed to email us to to tell us your other dialysis symptoms in addition to urinating blood, our experts will surely reply you with corresponding medical advises within 48 hours.

There is no doubt that various dialysis problems discount the quality of life, which becomes one of reasons why more and more dialysis patients want to stop this treatment. Well, it is hard to achieve this, but not impossible. And the only way is to gradually repair kidney damage and recover renal function. To those dialysis patients who can still produce some certain urine, they usually have more possibility to increase kidney function further after the treatment of Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy for Renal Failure, and we hope you are the lucky one.

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