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Does Patient With Creatinine 5 And Proteinuria Require Dialysis

2013-03-06 14:50

Dialysis is one important renal replacement therapy to help chronic kidney failure patients to have longer life expectancy. However it is often the case that once dialysis is begun, it is really very difficult to get rid of it, therefore both patients and nephrologists should have more cautions before dialysis and help patients choose the most proper time to start dialysis.

Some doctors will require dialysis when creatinine is 5 and when patients have obvious symptoms such as proteinuria, hematuria, high blood pressure, swelling, nausea, vomiting, etc. Actually creatinine level of 5 is a bit earlier for beginning dialysis if proteinuria, hematuria, high blood pressure and other symptoms and complications can still be controlled with medicines.

But we need to mention that different hospitals have different criteria to begin initial dialysis and each kidney disease patient has his or her specific illness and physical conditions, therefore there should not be a completely fixed creatinine level to begin dialysis. What is more, creatinine level should not be the only factor to referred to when it comes to dialysis. Dialysis may be needed for some patients when their creatinine is lower than 5, while some patients do not have any discomforts and do not begin dialysis even when their creatinine has been higher than 10.

For patients with creatinine 5 and proteinuria, some natural remedies can help control illness progression and protect residual kidney functions so as to delay dialysis. Some natural herbal medicines can help reduce protein in urine and promote protein synthesis in the body so as to alleviate proteinuria and improve blood protein levels. Some herbs can help cleanse the kidneys and improve renal filtering functions so as to help flush more creatinine and other wastes from the blood stream and kidneys.

Besides, low-protein, low-salt and low-fat diets, well control of blood pressure and blood sugar can all help to lower creatinine 5 and reduce proteinuria.

However if patients develop critical illness conditions such as metabolic acidosis or even heart failure which can not be controlled with the above mentioned measures, dialysis will be required to first save the patient’s life and then seek more effective treatments.

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