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What Percent of Kidney Function Requires Dialysis

2014-12-07 08:26

As for patients with kidney failure, dialysis is a matter that should be focused. And what time patients do dialysis also should be paid attention to. While, what percent of kidney function require dialysis?

The time of doing dialysis has close relation with the patient’s illness condition. For patients with kidney failure, when his kidneys can not work well, and he begin to have obvious symptoms, such as nausea, vomiting, headache, he should do dialysis to alleviate these symptoms. If a patients still have normal urine output, and he does no experience obvious symptoms, even if he has very high creatinine level, he can stay with this condition without dialysis.

For some patients who have obvious symptoms, even if they do not have high creatinine and BUN level, they should start dialysis early to ease these symptoms to prevent the kidney disease form advancing. And for patients with hypertension and diabetes, they should have dialysis earlier than other kidney disease patients.

On the matter of the problem that what percent of kidney function requires dialysis, patients had better consult doctors and they will give you the best suggestion on the basis of your condition.

In fact, some side effects always come cross with dialysis when you start dialysis, what is worse, once you step into the journey of dialysis, you can not get rid of dialysis any more, because the symptoms occur when you stop dialysis. This may be the reason why some patients do no want to dialysis.

The best way to keep away from dialysis is to seek for a treatment which works to improve kidney function. As long as the kidney function improves, you will have normal urine output and you do not do dialysis any more.

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